Scream for Jackpot on Hexbreaker Slots Game

Hexbreaker Slot is probably one of the most popular slot machines designed and manufactured by IGT (International Gaming Technology). This game challenges all the gambling rules, because it exhibits all the normal fallacies people tend to believe. Hexbreaker slot machines bring into play the image of the black cat, at the same time the 13th payline is where you desire to land upon.

May we mention that Hexbreaker slots work on a 5-reel with 13-payline game. The maximum wager is 260 coins. Playing the utmost number of paylines, Hexbreaker offers a 200,000 coins top prize.

The Hexbreaker Jackpot

The Hexbreaker slots jackpot is worth 200,000 coins. You need to get five Hexbreaker icons to trigger this jackpot. If these icons appear on whichever of the thirteen paylines that are activated, you win the top prize.

The Jinx Scatter Icon

Hexbreaker Slots provide jinx scatter icons, which can activate a bonus game. Another important symbol you must be make acquainted with is the Hoodoo the Lucky Cat symbol, the Hexbreaker slots mascot.

The Money Ladder Bonus Game

To activate Hexbreaker slots Money Stairs extra round, the "money ladder" symbols should appear on the second reel or on the forth reel. This game is played with you walking beneath a standing ladder and hitches or jinx will hinder your actions.

Money Ladder bonus round is triggered, when t is activated, you need to stir Hoodoo the Lucky Cat symbol up the steps of the ladder. This process is set in motion by manipulating Hoodoo the Cat icon on the "fortune board". The faster and quicker walks Lucky Cat makes under the ladder, the higher steps Hoodoo will move up the ladder.

The bonus round ends when Hoodoo does not succeeds to pass beneath the ladder, or else Hoodoo the Lucky Cat symbols stays on the same step of the ladder. You will collect all the additional money you obtain at that stage of the bonus game.

The Mirror Bonus Game

Hexbreaker slots offer another interesting symbol on the reel called the "broken mirror icon". If 4 or additional of these symbols appear on any of the lines played, the Mirror Mirror bonus round is generated.

A set of thirteen special mirrors will emerge on the computer screen. Players are permitted to choose five mirrors among these 13 mirrors. Those five mirrors that are chosen will then break or shattered, thus discloses a denoted price behind them. Summing up all the additional amounts from these 5 mirrors will be the sum total of your earnings in the Mirror Mirror Extra Round.