Play the Nostalgic State Fair Slots

State Fair video slot machine is based on the hit film State Fair. This video slot is IGT (Game King) designed games. State Fair slots involve nostalgia, reliving players to their initial childhood experiences during their visit at the annual state fair. State Fair slots present 3 exciting bonus games and beautiful Game King cut clips, sounds and selected scenes from IGT.

Overview of the State Fair Slots

State Fair slot machine game has both unpredictable jackpot prize and erratic maximum bet depending on where the machines are located. This is a 5-reel machine with 9 paylines. Some casinos do have the 20-paylines version of the game which commonly has a jackpot prize of 10,000 credits.

State Fair Slots Carnival Bonus Game

The Carnival Game bonus mode is activated when 3 Carnival Game scatter symbols is flashed on the screen. One of two bonus games materializes, availing players the opportunity to increase their coin values. The two bonus games are the Catch a Clown bonus round and Balloon bonus game.

The State Fair Catch a Clown bonus round

The Catch a Clown bonus game mechanics is as follow; 9 dissimilar clown compartments will appear before the player. The player is then required to select 3 from among the 9 compartments, after which a clown is expose. The bonus game will go on provided some Rainbow clowns are selected. These Rainbow clowns are best clown a player can select. Once rainbow clowns are exhausted the bonus round is over.

State Fair Slot Machine Balloon Bonus Game

Another bonus game of the State Fair slots is the Balloon bonus round. On this bonus game, 9 balloons will appear to a player. Player is required to pick 3 balloons out of the 9 balloons, from one network to the succeeding grids. These actions will continue until you locate a "collect" balloon thereby terminating the bonus game.

The State Fair slots Sugar Shack Bonus Mode

The Sugar Shack bonus game begins when 5 Sugar Shack scatter icons appear on the panel screen. A set of sugary foods appear on the screen and you'll select which one is your favorite. The State Fair slot machine exposes a money index or multiplier, which will then multiple the value of the initial wager.

The film State Fair is produced Richard Rodgers and Oscar Hammerstein. The cast of characters include: Jeanne Crain, Dana Andrews, Dick Haymes, Vivian Blaines and others great actors.The film was a blockbuster during that era.